Identify external risks. Reduce exposure. Eliminate vulnerable services.

We provide you a view of your organization from the outside so you can reduce risks, protect against future attacks and eliminate legacy system exposure.

What we do


Snapshot view

A high level snapshot view of your exposed, external environment provides comparative metrics and highlights significant risks in underlying data.


Domain discovery

We build an external view of your assets to help you
understand risks and entry points for attackers. Discover old legacy systems and services, gain a perspective on details being exposed via DNS records.

Service discovery and vulnerability mapping

We map externally exposed services such as databases, RDP, unpatched web services and open SMB ports. Where possible we extend this visibility to uncover vulnerabilities due to out-of-date systems, providing you a list of CVEs and related CVSS scores. Addressing these vulnerabilities helps reduce the risk of automated and targeted attack success.


Misconfigured and vulnerable SSL services

Improperly deployed SSL certificates and services expose your end users to unnecessary risk and leakage of sensitive information. We identify misconfigured and vulnerable SSL services, services that are vulnerable to the criticalHeartbleed attack so you can protect your brand and customer data.

Domain masquerading

We perform discovery for look-a-like domains that are potential sources of phishing attacks, email sinkholes designed to capture mis-typed email addresses and other forms of attack. By proactively identifying and blocking these domains at your email gateway, you can reduce risk of successful attacks.


Differential updates

We repeat our external discovery on a regular basis, detecting changes to your environment and newly registered masqueraded domains. This allows you to maintain visibility to changes to your systems from the perspective of an attacker, and address risks quickly.

Get a handle on your external exposure. Kobalt can help.

Kobalt provides External Discovery as part of all of our Monitoring packages, and also as a stand-alone offering. Contact us for more details.